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Get Cellular Modem Signal Strength With Python

I work in the cinema sector, and as such, have encountered my fair share of poorly (or un-) documented technologies and interfaces. At least, poorly in relation to Python. SNMP was one. Custom binary communication using various KLV interfaces another. Eventually I find a way, but only after wrestling with unfamiliar protocols, ancient, unmaintained packages, and the like.

I almost never (OK, never) document what I learned, outside the internal company developer notes I deliver with completed features.

Today, I document how to write a simple cellular modem (GSM) signal strength script in Python 3. Turns out to be really simple, using the venerable PySerial package.


  • Raspberry Pi >=3 with GSM modem module installed and configured on serial port /dev/ttyUSB*
  • Python >=3.7
  • PySerial: do pip3 install pyserial


We will send the AT Commands via serial port, so we need to know which port to use. Run the following command in the terminal:

dmesg | grep ttyUSB

Baud rate is another important factor. The default used by the few packages I found is 115200, so I use it too.

The Problem: Get Signal Strength

We just want to know a little thing – the signal strength – so we can just ask using [][AT Commands]


Not much help on the web (hence, this post). Here's what I referenced: